Mailbox Sweeper Setup


After you have downloaded the newest release from the Downloads page unzip the file in the directory you want to use to store Mailbox Sweeper.
Before you can use the program, you have to tell the program the data of your mailboxes. To do this, simply edit the file profile.dat with any text-editor (e.g. Worpad) or use the built in editor in the program. This step basically is like setting up your email client.

Using the program

After you have edited profile.dat, start a console window, change to the directory you unzipped the program to and start it by typing
    java -jar MailboxSweeper.jar
or for Windows users: run MailboxSweeper.bat , which is included in the zip file.

Checking for mails / Deleting messages

If you have edited profile.dat correctly, after running the program you should see a list of your mailboxes on the left. Select one, then press the button labeled "Check mails".
If there are mails in that mailbox, you will see the subject lines in the text-area in the middle. Two new buttons have appeared, labeled "Delete selected mails" and "Delete all mails in mailbox". Now you can select single or multiple emails and delete them by pressing the "Delete selected mails" button.
Note that you can only delete mails in the mailbox which you checked last.

WARNING: Deletion of messages cannot be undone, so be careful and make sure that you selected the right messages before clicking on the button.

WARNING: The button "Delete all mails in mailbox" will delete ALL mails stored in your mailbox. The default value for the maximum number of displayed mails is 20. So if there are more mails in your mailbox, still only the first 20 will be shown, but the "delete all" action will delete ALL messages, not just the ones which are displayed. You can customize this value in profile.dat.

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