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What is Mailbox Sweeper?

Mailbox Sweeper lets you connect to your mailboxes and preview the Subject lines of the messages stored there. You then can decide to delete single/multiple selected messages or delete all messages at once. It is especially useful to completely clean out spam ridden mailboxes, deleting big attachments or to sort out unwanted emails while they are still on the server and then download only the emails you actually want to download.


In order to run Mailbox Sweeper, you need to have Java installed on your computer.
Mailbox Sweeper is platform independent, if Java is available for your System, Mailbox Sweeper should run without problems.

Mailbox Sweeper is still in beta, so it is likely that you will encounter bugs or other problems while using the program. If you think you have discovered a bug or would like to give feedback or even have a feature request, please do so at the Sourceforge Project page

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